Aidan Lyon

I'm an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Maryland, College Park. I'm also a Humboldt Research Fellow at the Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy, a Research Fellow at the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis, and later this year I'll be a visiting Research Fellow at the Australian National University (in the Philosophy Department). My areas of research include: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Probability, Philosophy of Mathematics, Social Epistemology and Formal Epistemology.

My research is currently focused on the so-called "wisdom of crowds" and the intersection between epistemology and psychology. This research is mostly philosophical, but it is also draws heavily on empirical work concerning judgement elicitation and aggregation. As part of that work, I'm developing the website to test various ideas from epistemology and psychology about how to enhance the "wisdom of crowds" effect.

What I'm up to...

Some recent and upcoming talks:

Jan 22 University of Groningen Workshop on Chance (Groningen, Netherlands): Chance in Explanation
Feb 05 University of Tromso Philosophy Colloquium (Tromso, Norway): Vague Belief
Apr 03 University of Munich Philosophy of Probability Workshop (Venice, Italy): Vague Credence
Apr 23 University of Maryland Philosophy Colloquium (College Park, USA): Vague Belief
May 08 2nd International Conference on Animal Health Surveillance (Havana, Cuba):Online Aquatic Animal Health Surveillance and Intelligence
May 29 University of Melbourne Philosophy Colloquium (Melbourne, Australia): T.B.D.
Jun 26 Australian National University Philosophy Colloquium (Canberra, Australia): T.B.D.


Where I am...

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