Aidan Lyon

I'm an Assistant Professor in philosophy at the University of Maryland. I'm also a Humboldt Fellow at the Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy and a Research Fellow at the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis.


My philosophy research focuses on social epistemology (particularly on the wisdom of crowds), the philosophy of probability, and mathematical explanations in the sciences.

Selected Publications

Collective Wisdom forthcoming in Journal of Philosophy

Vague Credence forthcoming in Synthese.

Collective Wisdom: A Study of Some Simple and Complex Methods of Confidence Interval Aggregation forthcoming in Journal of Business Research with Wintle, B., Burgman, M.

Why are Normal Distributions Normal? in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (2014)

From Kolmogorov, to Popper, to Renyi: There's No Escaping Humphreys' Paradox (When Generalised) in Chance and Temporal Asymmetry (2014)

Using Internet Intelligence to Manage Biosecurity Risks: A Case Study for Aquatic Animal Health in Diversity and Distributions (2013) with Grossel, G., Burgman, M., Nunn, M.

Mathematical Explanations of Empirical Facts, and Mathematical Realism in The Australasian Journal of Philosophy (2012)

Comparison of Web–Based Biosecurity Intelligence Systems: BioCaster, EpiSPIDER, and HealthMap in Transboundary and Emerging Diseases (2012) with Nunn, M., Grossel, G., Burgman, M.

Deterministic Probability: Neither Chance nor Credence in Synthese (2011)

Philosophy of Probability in Philosophies of the Sciences (2010)

The Explanatory Power of Phase Spaces in Philosophia Mathematica (2008) with Colyvan, M.


I also dabble in a bit of photography. You can see all of my photos here and my photo blog here. I use a Sony a7r and find myself mostly playing around with 32-bit HDR landscape photos.

Selected Photos

City View Cafe temple eyes Leaving Hang En Version 2 Some Stupa BW Lion Cub Srinagar-Leh National Highway Hang En Reflection Gonda Collide with my Camera Meiji Gate View of Dolmine 2 from the Rat Run Lalibela Guy Kathmandu - Flags Bagan, Myanmar Solar Flare Midnight Solar Flare Bangkok, Thailand Towards the Great Wall of Vietnam Meiji Shrine Pumkin Thing