Mindful Decision Making

Learn how you can combine mindfulness with critical thinking to radically improve your decision making.

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Let's dispel a misconception...

Despite what you may see in the media, mindfulness is not about relaxation or being blissed out in the present moment.

Instead, mindfulness is an active and intelligent state of mind — one that is sharp, clear, flexible, and lightning fast.

It is a quality that we all have to some degree, but it is something we can all develop and cultivate.

You will learn how to do that in this worskhop.

You will also learn the science of mindfulness, the philosophy behind it, and how you can use mindfulness to improve your decision making.

About the Workshop


This is an introductory workshop designed for those with little or no experience with meditation.

It is also designed for those who want to improve their decision making, creative problem solving, and strategic planning.

The workshop consists of a mixture of lectures, short meditation sessions, and participatory group work.

To help ensure the quality and safety of the meditation sessions, attendance is limited to a small number of participants at a time.

The Mindful Decision Making Workshop runs for one full day. Additional workshops focusing on more advanced material can also be arranged.

Optional follow-up coaching sessions can be arranged as well. For example, fortnightly calls and weekly email check-ins help ensure meditative practices are sustained and integrated into one's regular decision making.

What you will learn

The workshop provides a comprehensive educational package that introduces participants to mindful decision making.

We will cover a brief history of mindfulness and its philosophical context so that participants arrive at a nuanced understanding of this vital concept.

Participants will learn how to practice two forms of meditation: focused attention and open monitoring. They will learn how these two forms of meditation train one's attentional system and how this has beneficial downstream effects on decision making, creative problem solving, and strategic planning.

The workshop will also include a lecture that summarises the scientific research on meditation. Participants will learn about the latest evidence demonstrating meditation's beneficial effects on cognition and metacognition.

During the workshop, participants will discover how they can combine mindfulness with critical thinking to improve their everyday decision making.

About the Instructor

Aidan Lyon

Aidan Lyon, Ph.D.

Aidan is a philosopher at the University of Amsterdam and the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy.

He completed his Ph.D. in philosophy in 2009 at the Australian National University and has Bachelor degrees in mathematics and philosophy from the University of Queensland.

His academic research is in the intersection of psychology and philosophy and focuses on wisdom, uncertainty, and collective decision making. He has published research articles in many top journals in philosophy, and his forthcoming book will be published by Oxford University Press in 2022.

Alongside his academic work, Aidan has operated as a risk management and decision making consultant for over ten years. He has worked on projects across a wide range of domains, indlucing biosecurity intelligence, geopolitical forecasting, institutional investing, and environmental decision making.

Aidan Lyon
Aidan Lyon
Aidan Lyon
Aidan Lyon

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