Psychedelic Coaching

You know more than you think you know...

I help you have the insights that will change your life, make you more creative, and make you a better decision maker.

Psychedelic Mind

Why psychedelic coaching?

While psychedelic experiences can be extremely exciting and profound, they can also be deeply challenging and confusing. These experiences can challenge our most deep-seated convictions and force us to rethink how we live our lives. However, our culture gives us very little by way of a framework for doing this.

Beyond substances

The term ‘psychedelic’ stems from the Ancient Greek words psyche and delos, which mean mind and reveal.

So, psychedelic means mind-revealing, and so psyhedelic coaching is about revealing the mind –– by whatever methods that are appropriate for your circumstances.

Any method that helps you reveal the mind is a psychedelic method. These methods include consuming psychedelic substances, but they also include methods such as meditation, philosophy, aesthetic engagement, breathwork, sensory deprivation, and many others.

Meditating monk


I offer range of coaching and consulting services relating to psychedelics, meditation, and other related practices. My focus is on how we can use these methods to enhance your performance –– for example, in your career. If you are seeking therapy or psychedelic retreats, I can help you find those with other service providers.

Insight integration
Philosophical analysis
Meditation training
Scientific consulting
Intention setting
Trip planning