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Psychedelic Experience: Revealing the Mind

This book presents a novel philosophical account of psychedelic experiences, arguing that they can be induced by means other than psychedelics — such as meditation and yoga.

Psychedelic Experience: Revealing the Mind

...in recent years we have read a lot about research in psychedelics and meditation.

This book is different.

It stands out as mind revealing.


Research Fellow, Institute for Frontier Areas in Psychology and Mental Health, Freiburg

About the author

Dr. Aidan Lyon is a philosopher at Leiden University and the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy. He is also head of Research and Development for the Amsterdam Psychedelic Research Association.

His research sits at the intersection of psychology and philosophy and focuses on psychedelics, meditation, yoga, wisdom, uncertainty, and decision-making.

He also works as a philosophical consultant and has helped clients in a variety of domains, including biosecurity intelligence, geopolitical forecasting, environmental decision-making, institutional investing, psychedelic therapy, and meditation training.

Aidan Lyon
Psychedelic Experience: Revealing the Mind

About the book

Psychedelic Experience presents a philosophical analysis of the concept of a psychedelic experience. A central premise of the book is that such experiences can be induced by means other than psychedelics. In particular, the book argues that psychedelic experiences can also be had as the result of meditation.

The book then presents a unified conceptual framework for thinking about the different kinds of psychedelic experiences one may have as a result of psychedelics, meditation, and their combination. This framework is then used to shed new light on various commonalities between psychedelics and meditation, such as the ability to promote long-lasting increases in mindfulness and their reputation for inducing mystical experiences.

Finally, the book uses these new philosophical resources to flip things around and shine the light back on philosophy itself, arguing that psychedelic experiences can be used as tools for doing philosophy. The result is a new approach to philosophy (or the revival of an ancient one), which integrates traditional analytic methods with a range of psychedelic techniques.


Want to get a quick taste of the book? Check out this blog post that outlines one of the book's central ideas.

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Psychedelic Experience: Revealing the Mind
Psychedelic Experience: Revealing the Mind

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