The City View Cafe, Hanoi

Oct. 4, 2014

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Have you ever walked into a racing torrent of motorcycles with a blind hope that their drivers might notice you and consider avoiding a collision as they hurtle towards you That’s what you have to do to get to the City View Cafe on a Saturday night in Hanoi. This is one of the most intense traffic intersections I’ve seen in the world. Many of the bikes are packed with families of 4 –– a few even manage to get families of 6 on them! –– and you get the impression that the Vietnamese don’t have a word for slow, or at least, that they don’t care much for the notion. Once you get used to it, it’s actually quite a bit of fun to submit one’s fate to the torrent and just take the plunge into the madness. I was only hit a few times.

City View Cafe