First Post and Test of the New Workflow

Oct. 7, 2013

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I think I have worked out a way to blog that might be convenient enough for me to write regular posts. My previous attempt, which used my Drupal-based website, was just way too clunky. I spent so much time going through the mechanics of getting the post online that I just gave up. I simply don't have much time to devote to blogging. 

So, here is how I roll now:

  1. I create a note in Evernote in my notebook.

  2. I export any new pics for the post from Aperture to my smugmug account.

  3. I copy-paste the embeddable smugmug links to the note.

  4. When I'm happy with the post, I add the "published" tag to the note and then sync Evernote, which pushes the note to my blog.

  5. I check out the new post on to see that it looks okay and make any final touch-ups.

Being able to make a post directly from Evernote is simply genius –– this is where really saves the day. I use smugmug because (1) I can import high-quality versions of my photos to it directly from Aperture, (2) smugmug creates embeddable links (which is awesome), and (3) because doesn't yet do a very good job of handling large photos. The next thing I have to do is work out facebook integration...

[Update Sep 15, 2014: Although I like the blogging product that makes, eventually I decided that it had too many limitations for me. Especially when it came to rendering code, math, and other unusual text, and controlling the look of my blog general, it was just a little too fiddly for me. So I’ve written some code myself (in Python) that grabs content from my Evernote account and pushes it to my new blog. This makes for an even more streamlined workflow and it has the advantage that my blog content is in the same place as the rest of other web content. I can also add any new features I want, whenever I want! :) ]

Anyway, here are two test pics for fun.

Vintage Siegestor, Munich

Lac de Gaube, Pyrenees