My Favourite Photos of 2014

Jan. 3, 2015

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Well, 2014 was definitely a long year! I moved continents five times (I count a move as living in one place for at least a month). It feels like I had 5 years in one! There were many trips to my some of favourite cities  –– Venice, Tokyo, Havana, Amsterdam, and Tallinn –– but the highlight was definitely Hong Son Doong, the world’s largest cave (see pics below and the original post here). Without further ado, here are my favourite photos for the year!  


Sunset at Tromsø

More Northern Lights, Tromsø

The Jefferson Memorial

Domino Sugar Factory, Baltimore

Sunrise Flight





Red Panda Cubs

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House

Supermoon in Phong Nha

Without a doubt, the highlight for 2014 was Hong Song Doong, the worlds largest Cave!

Hanoi Madness

Luang Prabang

Mekong Sunsets, Vientiane


Buddha Park, Vientiane

Christmas in Tallinn

Happy New Year!